Relationship Bootcamp

The Essential Skills Workshop.

This workshop is based on the work of internationally recognized therapist, speaker, and author Terry Real. Desirae has been trained directly by Terry and is a faculty member for his Relational Life Institute. This is an authorized presentation of Terry Real’s workshop and uses concepts and skills from the couples counseling model of Relational Life Therapy (RLT).

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Services & Focus Areas

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Couples & Individuals Welcome

Therapists Welcome

12 CEUs Available for Mental Health Professionals

Available In-Person and Online

Live Workshop

Through a combination of lecture, in-person role-play, small group exercises, and personal work, this live workshop will teach all participants how to:

  • Identify the five losing strategies.

  • Practice the five winning strategies
  • Gain clarity around relational challenges that have persisted for years

  • Analyze healthy listening and responding skills
  • Identify where they get stuck the most with their current or past partner

  • Transform their relationship into one that is based on compassion, collaboration, and closeness

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**Please note: Therapists who attend will come to participate, not just observe, and are highly encouraged to attend with their partner.

Continued Learning

Therapists who attend will learn:

  • The skills necessary to teach couples how to assess losing strategies and how to move to the winning strategies
  • How to teach the practice of self esteem and to use protective/containing boundaries to be connected and protected in relationships
  • Proven skills for sharing constructive feedback and repairing conflict
  • How to apply these skills in their own relationships.

This workshop is welcoming and inclusive of all humans and the facilitator maintains a space of safety, respect, dignity, and belonging for participants of all races, sexual identities, genders, religions, and nationalities.

  • $550/Individual
  • $1050/Couple
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